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  • 501 W. 15th Suite B
    Austin, TX 78701
  • (512) 391-9189

When we OPEN, when we CLOSE

  • Mon-Fri 10:30-3:30
  • Sat 11-3:30
  • Sunday 11-3:30

Why You Need To Be Here

  • Texadelphia Delivery through Longhorn Delivery

    Are you craving a Texican? Can't wait to get your hands on a Hickory? Dreaming of a Founders Favorite but just don't have time to get to Texadelphia on the corner of 15th St and San Antonio before your next meeting starts? Never fear! You can log onto to or call Longhorn Delivery at 512-323-0206 and order your favorite Texadelphia delight! They will deliver it straight to you at your home or office! Go for it! You will be glad you did!
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    Keep up with specials and announcements! Check in with us when you are here! Follow us on Facebook Texadelpia/Moonlight Place
  • Free Wi-Fi

    We won't make you pay like others do! Come in and hang out.
  • Join Our Emailing List!

    Stop by any Austin location and sign up for Tex's emailing list. Your first message will include a complimentary meal for joining. We won't forget your birthday either! Our emails are a great way to stay current on what is happening at Tex. And don't worry, we won't bombard your inbox.

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