What Kind of Dipper are You?

Posted by Anna David on Aug. 5, 2010 at 12:08 pm

To celebrate National Mustard Day today, we would like to honor our homemade sauces and all those who love them.  

So, tell us – what is your saucein’ style?  


The Big Dipper

You lace your cheesesteak with your favorite sauce, but you still just gotta slam dunk it into that same tasty blend to get the most flavor.

The Suicide

Some call it indecisive; we call it a love for ALL. You fill up a few cups of our different signature sauces and spread the love by dipping your cheesesteak into a different sauce before each bite.

The High and Dry

You love our cheesesteaks, but adding the sauce is just too much for your taste buds. You eat your cheesesteak with no sauce necessary…but hey, you’re saucy enough as it is, aren’t you?

The Big Flood

Having to worry about the amount of sauce on each bite just isn’t your thing. You want to get your saucein’ on and only worry about the flavors in your mouth. You aimlessly squeeze the sauce out of the bottle to cover the entire cheesesteak once and for all.

The Mix-it-Up

You’re a free-thinker and that’s cool with us. Who are we to hinder your creativeness? You know what you like and how to create it best, so you mix your favorite sauces into one cup. This is followed by drizzling, dipping or dousing your cheesesteak.


What kind of dipper are you? Answer the poll question online at our Facebook page!


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