Interview with Texadelphia's Baker: Reinhard Haltermann

Posted by Rich Waring on Jun. 25, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Check out our interview with our Master Baker, Reinhard Haltermann, about how he ensures every roll we use is perfect.

Q. How long have you been a baker?

A. 36 years


Q. Where did you get your start?

A. Germany / Ahaus


Q. Where do you get your recipes from?

A. Made up myself and family recipes


Q. What makes your bread better?

A. Patience & Knowledge


Q. How many people work at New World Baker?

A. 42 full time employees


Q. What is your favorite type of bread? To Eat? To Make?

A. Ciabatta & Rye bread


Q. Do you think a dozen is 12 or 13?

A. Depends on what the dozen consists of


Q. White or Wheat? Your thoughts?

A. Can't go wrong as long as it is good bread


Q. Who do you think would win in a street fight between The Founder's Favorite and The Texican?

A. The Founder's Favorite


Q. What makes your bread better?

A. Passion, patience, and 36 years worth of experience


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