Hunger is the Second Best Sauce

Posted by Rich Waring on Sep. 23, 2009 at 2:09 pm

Hunger is the best sauce?

A French proverb says “Hunger is the best sauce”.   Well, I guess the French never made it to Texadelphia for a cheesesteak.  If they had, they would know our Signature Sauces are the best around.  Here’s what you might not know about our sauces:

-  Texadelphia offers 7 signature sauces.  Lucky for you.

-  You get your choice of signature sauce on your Cheesesteak, Burger, Sandwich, Salad or anything else we serve.  Free!

-  You can purchase sauces “by the jar” at Texadelphia restaurants.  Sorry, we don’t offer them by mail or in grocery stores because they are freshly prepared with no added chemical preservatives.

-  Mustard Blend was created in 1981 and we still use the original recipe today.      

-  Since 1981, we’ve added Picante, Marinara, Hickory, Ranch, Spicy Ranch and Mayo to our signature sauces.

-  You will find signature sauces only at Texadelphia – and we like it that way.

A recent review said, “Go to Texadelphia. You could order a cheese steak—or you could just chug a bottle of mustard blend and call it a day. Either way results in a happy coma.” – Alice Laussaude, Dallas Observer


Well said Alice!  We agree.


We invite all of you to educate yourself on our Signature Sauces and tell us which one is best!


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