Happy National Cheesesteak Thursday!

Posted by Anna David on Mar. 28, 2012 at 4:03 pm

If there has ever been a holiday worth celebrating, National Cheesesteak Thursday is the one! To commemorate, we’re giving away four Texadelphia meals to one lucky Cheesesteak-lover.

Post a witty caption underneath the photo we’ve shared on our Facebook page. Encourage your friends and other followers to like your caption, and you could be the winner. Whoever has the most likes at 5:00p Thursday March 29, wins FOUR free Texadelphia meals!

We know you love Cheesesteaks just as much as we do, so what better way to celebrate National Cheesesteak Thursday than to hook you up with some? Check out our Facebook page to participate in the contest, and keep your eyes peeled (and mouth watering) on Thursday to see who will be the lucky winner!


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