FREE STUFF! Help us celebrate our 30th Birthday in gift-giving style!

Posted by in the category on Dec. 14, 2011 at 4:12 pm

It's our birthday and we'll give away presents if we want to! This month we are turning 30 years old and want to celebrate with our favorite people ... our fans! 

We are giving every fan a passport (okay, okay... its called a life membership) to Texadelphia Nation, our personalized rewards program! All you have to do is visit our fun and fantastic Facebook page to get your membership - click on the "Birthday" tab on the left for a birthday present from us. 

Already a member of Texadelphia Nation where queso flows free and cheesesteaks are acceptable seven days a week?! You can still get a present from us. Watch our Facebook page where we will randomly draw one member every single day and load up the account with hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of points! 

Happy Birthday to us! Who knew the 'Dirty Thirty' would be so much fun?! 

Texadelphia Birthday Promotion


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